Playfield 1 — the dialog


Reflections, thoughts & comments

This is the place where you can join the dialog for the Playfield 1 exercise.  Just below “LEAVE A REPLY” at the bottom is a dialog box where you can let us know what’s happening in your life now that you’ve been practicing and thinking of 5 or more things you’re grateful for first thing each morning or the last thing at night.  Of course you may want to let other things come up all day long — that’s perfectly fine. We’re practicing and developing a bit of muscle in the Gratitude Department.

This dialog is where the real power lies for all of us that are “Playing in the Fields of Gratitude” together.  This is where Community lives and we can learn from one another. 

What you have to offer really does make a difference for others and vice versa.

Your Reflections, Thoughts, and Comments are a very important part of this Gratitude practice.  It supports you to share with others, it helps others to see what’s going on for you, it supports you to see what’s happening for others, and you can come back and see how this dialog is evolving.

Be sure to bookmark this post so you can come back to leave a comment or read other people’s comments.  You can even comment on other people’s comments.

Name & City Reply BannerIn Gratitude and Appreciation,

Lorenzo Gramlich     Grass Valley, California  USA

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In the Fields of Gratitude

You have already been to the Fields of Gratitude

So what is the Field that I’m referring to in “Playing in the Fields of Gratitude”?  It’s not really a big mystery or a place where only the devout or the chosen ones get to enter.

You already have been in the Fields of Gratitude.  Whenever you think about something or someone that you are Grateful for, you may have noticed that you feel more open, more caring, more considerate.  It probably shows up as “feeling better”, “feeling good”, or any of a number of feelings that we call positive.

When you express or receive Gratitude (or Appreciation or Acknowledgement) you also feel better.  This is the Fields of Gratitude.

I talk about Playing in the Fields of Gratitude because the intention of what I am up to is for as many of us who would like, to learn how to spend more and more time in this Field.  Like laying in a grassy meadow on an absolutely perfect spring day, just watching all the wondrous things that surround you.  Being at peace in one’s world.

As Robert Browning said in Pippa’s Song:

The year’s at the spring,
And day’s at the morn;
Morning’s at seven;
The hill-side’s dew-pearl’d;
The lark’s on the wing;
The snail’s on the thorn;
God’s in His heaven –
All’s right with the world!

As we continue to play in the Field we will be watching amazing things opening up in our lives and in the lives of others (like you) who choose to play with us.  I can pretty much guarantee this because in the several months that I have we been creating this marvelous adventure, my life has been transforming in ways I couldn’t have imagined.  As I Play in the Fields of Gratitude, amazing things are opening up.  And I’m having so darned much fun!!

Once again we invite you to come and play.  We don’t know how this adventure is going to unfold, but the real fun is in the playing.


Lorenzo       Grass Valley, California  USA


Everything I believe about the process of Creating is unfolding before me.

In living and practicing what I’ve been studying and listening for, living in the total trust that this is actually and truly how it works, I see the results unfolding as I’d intended.

The path doesn’t necessarily unfold as I thought it should, but the result was there.   I’ve been told “My job is to do the longing, the longing will do the work.”

I’ve come to see that the rate of the unfolding is correlated to my choices regarding opening, allowing, and accepting.

The more Gratitude that I realize, express and hear, the easier it is to keep opening, allowing, and accepting.

I am so grateful to be alive and on the perfect path that I am on.


Fields of Gratitude

~ At Play in the Fields of Gratitude ~

A life that includes Gratitude is more exciting, fulfilling and fun.

When we express or receive Gratitude it lifts our spirits. It lights us up. It takes us higher. “I am so Grateful for yet another day”, “I am Grateful for the kindness you have shown me.”  Simple statements that make such a difference.

Have you noticed that when you express Gratitude, the very act of the expression is a gift?  There is some remarkable Magic available here.

Gratitude is “a gift that give both ways”. When we express Gratitude to someone they feel uplifted and so do we.  It also does some wonderful things for our relationship with that person.

The intention of Gratitude4You is to bring the gifts and the Magic of Gratitude to ourselves, to the people in our lives, and to all the world.

Gratitude is a path to living a life that is waaaay more exciting, fulfilling and fun.

I invite you to join me in this practice of bringing positive energy back into our lives through the simple act of sharing Gratitude with others.

It can be as simple as saying, “I’m so grateful that you’re in my life. I deeply appreciate who you have always been for me.”

My vision is to inspire this kind of sharing among people throughout the world.

Stay tuned . . . . . .

Lorenzo Gramlich        Grass Valley, California  USA