Playfield 2

Playfield 2

Here is another way to Play in the Fields of Gratitude.  It’s also easy and fun.  It does include communications with others that may seem a little scarey before you do it, but here is our promise:  When you are communicating and afterwards you will experience some astounding things in your thoughts, in your feelings, and in how your world appears to you.

What to do:

Each day for 7 consecutive days, think of 2 or more people that you feel Gratitude for.  It may be for something they have done for you.  It may be for how they have supported or influenced you.  It may be for things that they have done for others.

Take a few minutes to write a short letter or an email to them.  You may even want to express your Gratitude to them in person or on the phone.  If you are going to express verbally, make a note about what you want to express.

It can be as simple as “I want to tell you how Grateful I am to know you.  You have made such a difference in my life.”  Of course you can expand on that, but it doesn’t have to be long for them to get your communication.

If they make a response to you make sure that you listen to it and take it in.

This part is very, very important:  Make the communication today.  Send the email, write out the note and actually mail it, make the call or have the conversation.  Do this today.  Tomorrow there are 2 or more people that you’re going to have the opportunity to do this with again.

This Playtime may feel more confronting to you.  We understand.  We also know from experience that the rewards you’ll experience are even greater than what you had in Playtime 1.

Don’t forget to tell us about what you experience.  (see below)

Important parts (again)

1- Practice.  Take the time for the Playtime and do 2 or more expressions of Gratitude today.

2- Notice. Notice how you feel before you start, while your thinking about it, and while you’re expressing the Gratitude.  This is VERY important. When your life begins to change good ways, whether the changes are small or big, it is very important to give Gratitude the credit.  This supports even more good changes, and before long you don’t hope for miracles, you learn to expect them.

3- Note.  It’s a really good idea to keep some kind of journal about experiences in Playing in the Fields of Gratitude.  You could keep a list of things you’re Grateful for, you could make a note when something shifts in your attitudes or views about someone or something.  These may be subtle or profound, but they are all important.  You see, once something has changed it starts to look like it’s always been like that.  So it’s important to make note so that you can look back over time to see what’s been happening.  The progress will be very supportive in creating more and more of the changes.

4- Tell us.  Please tell us what you begin to see about your life and your views about people and situations when you begin to Play in the Fields of Gratitude.

Scroll to the bottom to “Leave Reply” and tell us what you want to say.

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