Playfield 1

Here is your first step in “Playing in the Fields of Gratitude”.  Playfield 1 is a fun exercise in Gratitude.  Give it a try and see what shows up.  I think you’ll find it easy and you’ll soon see just how much fun and rewarding it can be.

What to do:

Each morning before you get out of bed or each night when you get into bed think of 5 things you are Gratitude for.  Of course more than 5 are allowed and encouraged.  And if you would like, you can do more at any time of the day or night.  The truth is that you can not overdo it.

Always thankful forIt could be that you are Grateful for a brand new day, for having a great family, for having food to eat, for having supportive friends, etc.  We’re sure that you can see that the list could be limitless.  The more you play, the more things will show up that you are Grateful for.

Told you it would be easy.  The hardest part of this practice is to get started.  Do you have a couple of minutes a day to invest in a future that right now you cannot even imagine?  Yes, a couple of minutes a day.

Important question:  Would you be willing to take this on for 7 consecutive days?  If the answer is yes, then start tonight, or right now if you want.  There is no “right time” to do it, there is only “taking a little time to do it”.

The important parts:

1- Practice.  Take the time for the Playtime and do at least 5 expressions of Gratitude each morning or night.

2- Notice. Notice how you feel before you start, while your thinking about it, and while you’re expressing the Gratitude.  This is VERY important. When your life begins to change good ways, whether the changes are small or big, it’s very important to give Gratitude the credit.  This supports even more good changes, and before long you don’t hope for miracles, you learn to expect them.

3- Note.  It’s a really good idea to keep some kind of journal about experiences in Playing in the Fields of Gratitude.  This is not required, but it certainly adds a certain depth to the experience.

You could keep a list of things you’re Grateful for, you could make a note when something shifts in your attitudes or views about someone or something.  These may be subtle or profound, but they are all important.  You see, once something has changed it starts to look like it’s always been like that.  So it’s important to make note so that you can look back over time to see what’s been happening.  The progress will be very supportive in creating more and more of the changes.

4- Tell us.  Please tell us what you begin to see about your life and your views about people and situations when you begin to Play in the Fields of Gratitude.

You can revisit this post and see what others are saying, which can be very supportive.  Don’t forget that what you say can make a difference for someone else.

Name & City Reply BannerScroll to the bottom to the dialog box below “Leave A Reply” and tell us what you want to say.

And the most important part is this: Begin.  Put your toe in the water so that you can see how it feels.  There is nothing to lose and a whole new world to gain.

Now just one more click and you’ll be on the Blog page where you can leave a comment and see what others are saying as well.  Please go there and bookmark it so you can return after you’ve started or completed this first exercise to let us know what’s happened in the days of your practice.  You could also say hello and tell us where you’re from.  Thank you.   Click here

Playfully,  Lorenzo

1 thought on “Playfield 1”

  1. Lorenzo Gramlich said:

    I’m very pleased with how “The Book” is evolving and how the Launch has come together. And on time too. Out by 9.9.13.

    I’ll also be participating in Playfield 1 and thinking of 5 things or people that I’m Grateful for 7 days and I’ll be posting my comments on blog.

    I think I’ll call this Playfield 1 the “5 for 7 Playfest”.

    Lorenzo Gramlich Grass Valley, California USA

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